by Peter Sawyer


Fire Pit Ideas For Your Coziest Winter Yet

by Peter Sawyer

As we slip closer towards winter, it’s worth finding ways to bear the cold and enjoy those chilly nights. Cranking up your central heating is one way, but it’s nowhere as fun as cozying up to a fire. A hot toddy or a cup of hot chocolate doesn’t hurt either, and you don’t have to go camping to roast marshmallows and make s’mores—you can do this in the backyard. All you need is some space and a vision to build your personal pyre. That, and you should probably check your local laws and insurance policy to make sure you’re clear to have a fire in your yard. If you’re good to go, it’s worth considering some of the different styles out there.


The classic. While this is the most basic controlled outdoor fire, it’s the warmth and enchantment of those dancing flames that draw people in. If this is what lights your fire, then you’ll want to find the perfect spot to create a fire bed. If you were a Boy Scout or Girl Scout, then you surely remember how to build a fire, but for the rest of us, a quick guide can ensure how to do it right. And always remember: safety first.


Gravel Pit

To make one of these, you will need gravel—that’s a given. One thing to consider with this kind of fire pit is if your home already has some gravel around the exterior. If you have a gravel driveway, or have a stone yard, a gravel pit will help accentuate the look you already have in place. This is a nice way to ground that style and possibly give it a centerpiece.


Cinderblock Fire Pit

If you happen to have some cinder blocks lying around, this could be the fire pit for you. And even if you don’t have any, the materials aren’t that expensive. All you really need are fire resistant cinder blocks, some red lava rock, and a bag of mortar. The arrangement is going to have an industrial look, but these heavy-duty pits are built to last and easy to build. They don’t require any advanced DIY skill sets, and you’ll get a workout. Win-win! 

Photo courtesy of Modernize.

Raised Stone Fire Pit

 If you think traditional water wells have an interesting look, or, if you enjoy the stonework of castles, then this fire pit may just speak your language. Like many other fire pits, it’s also circular in shape, but its elevated stone walls, give it a medieval flair, and one that’s quite eye-catching. The rumor is these take about an hour to make, but all that hard work will give you something to be proud of, and, of course, something to admire.

Photo courtesy of Modernize.
What’s great about fire pits are that once they’re built, you have them for a while. They create a unique ambiance that’s great for relaxing and they can bring people together by adding a little special something to the night. Choosing the right one is part of the fun, but adding one to your yard will give you more appreciation for what you have. And even though they’re great in the winter, having one around in the summer isn’t a bad thing. Can you say BBQ?

Peter Sawyer is a screenwriter and cinephile who enjoys DIY home and living hacks. Writing for Modernize gives him a platform to write about energy-efficient living in the home.