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Guide to Building a House

Building a home from the ground up can be a dream come true. Take your time with decision, and follow these steps. When you walk into your new home, you will be happy with the results.
Step 1

Get Inspired

Drive around your neighborhood and snap photos of exteriors you like. Search websites like Houzz and home design magazines for inspiration.

Look at the houses in our Photo Showcase. Create a folder or digital file of everything you like on your computer, on Pinterest or in the Idea Center.
Step 2

Create Your Budget

A builder can help you plan for your project's costs. Use our guide to find the right builder for your home.
Step 3

Make A Plan

Now that you have a budget, you can set the wheels in motion. Download our Inspiration Guide to discover which James Hardie siding is best for your home. Make a list of what you need to achieve your vision for it's exterior.
Step 4

Finalize Your Project's Scope

Once you have a game plan (for example, which shade of ColorPlus Technology siding is right for your home), list the exact materials and manpower required to complete your project within budget and on schedule. You are ready to choose your builder.
Step 5

Choose Your Builder

If the first round of builder meetings leaves you unsatisfied, keep searching. This process could take a while. Take your time. Builders are used to getting follow-up calls weeks or months after an initial meeting, and it's worth the wait to find a builder you trust.
Step 6

Establish Trust

Building a house is one of the biggest projects you will ever take on. That's why you've hired a profesional to help you through it. Establish ground rules for communication, so your concerns are heard and the builder can do their job.
Step 7

Enjoy your new home

After all that work, the project is complete. Now you can relax, celebrate and start thinking about what to plant in your garden and what color patio-chair cushions you need.