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Building a house is the ultimate realization of a dream. You will likely have many questions along the way. Start by asking yourself what your house needs to deliver to make you happy and comfortable, and what materials best align with your needs and values. Bounce ideas off neighbors, friends, and contractors.


While you are building a dream house, unless you are extremely lucky, you are probably not building it on an island. Look at the houses around you, and get to know what real estate agents call “comps.” Knowing the home styles and prices of the houses in your area is important for re-sale in the future.

Curb Appeal

A house with curb appeal hits that sweet spot where classic beauty meets personal style. It’s a sum of multiple parts: architecture, landscape, color scheme, and outdoor accessories, such as lighting and furniture.
Everyone wants curb appeal. But, instead of piling materials and architectural details on the outside of your house, strive for balance and simplicity. Stone and brick are nice building materials, but expensive. Available in dozens of textures and colors, Hardie® fiber cement siding and trim can be high-impact, cost-effective tools for creating curb appeal.

Long-lasting, Lower maintenance Materials

Building a new house puts you in a great position to invest in construction materials—both interior and exterior—that will give you the least headache in the long term.
As an exterior siding material, wood can split, crack and deteriorate. It also expands and contracts, making it difficult for paint to adhere to its surface for a long time. Vinyl siding can crack and warp in extreme temperatures. All this means reduced longevity and compromised appearance.
Engineered for Climate®, Hardie® siding, trim, and soffit panels perform year after year, and resist damage from extreme weather. And when finished with ColorPlus® Technology, James Hardie brand products reduce the need for frequent touch-ups and re-painting because the color is baked-on and helps resist UV-rays.
Our weather barrier and interior materials work just as hard for your home. Our HardieWrap® weather barrier allows moisture (water vapor) from inside your house to escape, so the area within the wall stays dry. For wet areas inside your house, such as your kitchen and bathrooms, HardieBacker® cement boards offer base surfaces that are backed by a limited lifetime product warranty.
When you build a James Hardie home, you have the benefit of knowing a reliable company is standing behind some of the most crucial elements of your home.


As a product leader in the building industry, James Hardie recognizes its obligation to promote green living. We minimize our environmental footprint by making our products with locally sourced, sustainable raw materials, such as cement, sand, wood fiber and water.

Since James Hardie exterior products are Engineered for Climate, they also have a longer life cycle than cheaper, less-durable products. ColorPlus Technology reduces the need to re-paint frequently, resulting in fewer materials ending up in landfills. It also eliminates the release of VOCs into the atmosphere during outdoor painting jobs.

Rebuilding After a Tragedy

Over the years we’ve seen homes ravaged by storms from New Orleans to New Jersey, and destroyed by tornados across the Midwest. Fires big and small wreak havoc on homes and lives.
James Hardie is committed to offering a stable product and a new beginning to those who have suffered a staggering blow such as a storm or fire. Years of engineering the highest quality product make James Hardie an excellent partner in protecting or rebuilding your home.

Know your Options

James Hardie products are available in a plethora of colors and textures. HardiePlank® lap siding, for example, comes in smooth finish or with a woodgrain texture, while HardieShingle® siding mimics cedar shingles. Our ColorPlus Technology finishes open a huge door to color options. Read more about our many products.

Why ColorPlus® Technology

ColorPlus Technology is specially formulated to resist fading caused by UV rays. ColorPlus Technology is also baked-on, making it resistant to peeling like field paint does, and you’ll get a 15-year limited warranty that covers both paint and labor. Finally, James Hardie enlisted a professional color expert to create our beautiful and foolproof palette.

Learn more about ColorPlus® Technology

Design Ideas

There are many factors to consider when choosing new siding for your home. Your house’s architecture and roof color (as well as your neighbors’ homes) are a few that you may not be able to change easily. But other factors, such as curb appeal, color, and landscaping, leave more to the imagination.

Tips for Color

1.  Don't be afraid to use bold siding color.
2.  Don't be afraid to opt for a neutral, either.
3.  Keep it simple.
4.  Think about how your house fits into a streetscape or community.