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  1. Arctic White
  2. Cobble Stone
  3. Navajo Beige
  4. Monterey Taupe
  5. Khaki Brown
  6. Timber Bark
  7. Pearl Gray
  8. Light Mist
  9. Gray Slate
  10. Night Gray
  11. Boothbay Blue
  12. Evening Blue
  13. Aged Pewter
  14. Iron Gray
  15. Countrylane Red
  16. Rich Espresso
  17. All

House Siding Colors

Statement Collection

The Statement Collection™ products feature your region’s most popular ColorPlus® Technology colors. These siding and trim products are locally stocked and readily available
—so you can pick a favorite for your home today.

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Arctic White

Snowcapped mountains and the first flakes of winter: These pure whites are always the prettiest. Whether for the body of a home, or as an accent color alongside darker hues, classic white always has a place.

Explore Arctic White

Cobble Stone

Cobble Stone is a rich neutral that will look put together on any home. A taupe-based hue with warm undertones, it works particularly well with darker accent colors. No need to overthink this classic choice.

Explore Cobble Stone

Navajo Beige

Navajo Beige is the kind of color than never goes out of style. A classic neutral, it works well with almost any stonework, creating a handsome combination that will fit into any neighborhood, or with any architectural style.

Explore Navajo Beige

Monterey Taupe

A taupe-based color with darker undertones, Monterey Taupe offers a sophisticated and striking neutral. This color works well paired with its softer cousin, Cobble Stone.

Explore Monterey Taupe

Khaki Brown

Like your favorite pair of khaki slacks, this warm, mid-tone brown pairs equally well with darker or lighter hues. Try it with Heathered Moss for a woodsy feel, or with Countrylane Red for a bolder look.

Explore Khaki Brown

Timber Bark

The deep gray-brown of Timber Bark is pure elegance. Whether you choose it for the main body of your home, or as an accent, you won’t have to worry about it going out of style.

Explore Timber Bark

Pearl Gray

This light neutral comes straight from the softest colors in nature, like sand and seashells. Use it as an understated accent, or for a whole house. Pearl Gray always feels elegant.

Explore Pearl Gray

Light Mist

Like the soft embrace of foggy day, this light gray tone with the softest hint of blue feels both cozy and cool. Think of Light Mist as a modern neutral that will lend a clean look to your home.

Explore Light Mist

Gray Slate

Looking for a cozy, rustic neutral? Gray Slate can soften things up while adding an air of history. This is one of those timeless colors that works as an accent or whole house color. It also looks great with other shades of gray.

Explore Gray Slate

Night Gray

There is a certain romance to darkness and shadows. Dark hues evoke passion, mystery and sophistication. Night Gray will automatically add depth and drama to your home.

Explore Night Gray

Boothbay Blue

Like sitting at the water’s edge just as the sun starts to set, Boothbay Blue has a soothing effect. It is the perfect shade for those who love blue and are looking for a softer option.

Explore Boothbay Blue

Evening Blue

Like a navy blue suit or a midnight-blue evening gown, there is nothing classier than a deep-blue house, whether nestled in the country or city. Evening Blue is a striking shade that works with nearly any style architecture.

Explore Evening Blue

Aged Pewter

Why do we love weathered grays so much? Because they are neutrals with personality. With its warmth and adaptability, Aged Pewter is the perfect complement to both beiges and other grays.

Explore Aged Pewter

Iron Gray

Create the house that everyone notices and admires, just like the unique doors all over old European cities. Iron Gray's deep, bold shade provides a dramatic yet elegant look. Pair with Arctic White trim for a crisp combination that pops.

Explore Iron Gray

Countrylane Red

Imagine an afternoon drive through the countryside, weaving through cornfields dotted with red farmhouses. That is the comforting feeling that Countrylane Red evokes. Like a rural North American landscape, this shade offers character, without overwhelming the eye.

Explore Countrylane Red

Rich Espresso

Don’t be afraid of introducing some darkness to your home’s exterior. After all, a little mystery never hurts. Ideal for trim, Rich Espresso pairs well with Cobble Stone, Monterey Taupe and Timber Bark. 

Explore Rich Espresso
Count on ColorPlus® Technology
James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology combines distinct beauty and high performance in a way that no other finish does. It’s the easiest way to choose a gorgeous color for your house, and feel confident in its staying power.
While all Hardie® siding and trim products are available primed and ready for field painting, when you invest in ColorPlus® Technology, you're getting a consistent coat of proprietary finish that was baked-on in a closely controlled factory environment. That means even coverage and color that will last for years and years.
Another benefit of ColorPlus Technology? It helps resist fading from UV rays, so your color will stay vibrant for longer than regular paint.
Last but not least, the ColorPlus Technology palette contains a variety of gorgeous, well-edited colors curated by our color experts. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by choices, you’ll feel empowered by our tried-and-true options.