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Tips for Re-siding a House

Now that you’ve decided to re-side, it’s time to take action. Follow these steps, and you will be happy with the results.
Step 1

Get Inspired

Drive around your neighborhood and snap photos of exteriors you like. Search websites like Houzz and home design magazines for inspiration.

Look at the houses in our Photo Showcase. Create a folder or digital file of everything you like on your computer, on Pinterest or in the Idea Center.
Step 2

Assess Your Finances

If Step 1 is about casting a wide net, Step 2 is about reeling yourself in. Figure out what you love—and what it will cost. Show your wish list to a few contractors, who can help you itemize costs.
Step 3

Create a Road Map

By now you know whether your dream is within reach. If it’s not quite attainable, prioritize. What are your musts? Do you need to work in stages to fully realize your ideal?
Step 4

Finalize the scope of your Project

Once you have figured out an overall game plan (for example, do siding this year; save up for trim), write down the exact parameters of the project, and be prepared to get serious about choosing a contractor.
Step 5

Choose your Contractor

If the first round of contractor meetings left you unsatisfied, don’t hesitate to resume the search. Don’t worry about this step taking a while—contractors are used to getting a call many months after an initial meeting.
Step 6

Get Ready for Construction

Before your new siding goes up, it’s going to take up substantial space on your driveway or yard; be ready for this. Also, china cabinets and pictures may rattle from exterior pounding, so take precautions indoors, too.
Step 7

Enjoy your new Re-Side

After all that work, the project is complete. Now you can relax, celebrate and start plotting your next home improvement project. Some new lawn furniture would sure look nice!