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It’s Possible™ for  Stronger materials to  build better reputations

It’s Possible™ for Stronger materials to build better reputations

Beautifully protecting homes and reputations, Hardie® products are engineered to last for the long-haul.


The Hardie® Difference

Hardie® fiber cement siding is unlike wood-based materials. It’s engineered to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws your way.


Hardie® siding is uniquely formulated to resist the effects of humidity and moisture.

Wood-based products are more susceptible to water absorption, which can lead to swelling, warping and cracking.

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Hardie® fiber cement siding is made from a substrate that does not attract woodpeckers, termites, or other pests.

Despite best efforts at prevention, wood-based products can be destroyed by pests, resulting in costly repairs.

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Hardie® siding will not ignite when exposed to a direct flame or contribute fuel to a fire.

Wood-based products are natural fuel for fire.

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Built on quality and durability for the long-haul.

"We truly feel that Hardie® fiber cement premium siding performs better than wood-based siding or those competitors that are out there."
Patrick McGowan 
  Vice President for Style Exteriors

How we support James Hardie Pros

A Solid Supply Chain
 A Solid Supply Chain
We have 10 North American-based manufacturing plants, ensuring product orders from James Hardie arrive complete - and on time.
Installation Support
Installation Support
Our team is here to support you with on-site visits and training to provide what's needed, when and where you need it.
Scaled for Success
Scaled for Success
Our business is built on proven process and practice. We're positioned to help you build bigger and better.

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